A drunk night at aka – and there she was

This is the first part of three in a mini novel based on real events

It started has so many Wednesdays has started, a pre-party with beer and good conversation. As the time went around eleven, me and two other friends where going to aka with around four beers inside us. We decided to walk a little earlier to skip the long line, because in our world and mostly of the Swedish students, midnight is aka-time. As we came to aka, we couldn’t believe our eyes. The line was bigger than ever, and our eyes came across a sea of overalls forming a rainbow landscape. We had clearly misjudged the situation, and we had done a big error in our argument to leave earlier.  It was the the kickoff and the first Wednesday of the semester. After a moment of stupidity, that we were so far off the reality and didn’t think about the start of the semester, we went into the line, rather disappointed. Well at the entrance me and my company then went to the bar and after kicked ass at the house-floor. After around one and a half hour with the mix of drunken talks at the smoking areas, more drinks, and switching from house to schlager, one of my friends decided to take an early night. I understood his choice because I had gotten pretty drunk myself, and where thinking in the same paths to call it the night (I am kind of happy I didn’t). We said good night and me and my friend went for another smoke at the heated lights right under the balcony. He talked about that some of his classmates had just arrived and suggested we should meet up with them. I agreed even doe I now gotten pretty shitfaced but kept pushing mostly because I had a late class the day after.

One guy´s bad luck

As we finished our smokes, and where heading inside the closet door to the schlager-floor, we saw a guy sitting right next to the door on the cold stoneground, looking like he had lost his wallet. My friend contacted him and ask about the situation, he really had lost his wallet. Not my proudest moment when I choose not to sit next to him as my friend did, I just wanted to go back inside and party until Stad i ljus. After a few minutes I saw the situation: we were not going to go back inside for a while. I sat down and listened to this guy’s clearly misery to be an international student that now had lost his wallet. As the conversation kept going with the guy´s bad luck and my friend trying to help him with solutions, two girls show up. It turned out that they were the guy´s friends and asked why he was sitting down. Since I was to bored to listen, I got up and said hi to booth of them. What I didn’t know then, was that this where the beginning of one of my most memorable times at JU. I said hello to the first of them, didn’t pick up on her name as you often do in a drunk night at aka, then turned to the other and there she was.

A shitty impression  

With big green eyes that I clearly looked at a little too long, big wavy red hair that I soon learned to love the smell of, and around her face freckles, that I always have had a thing for. I probably did a shitty impression since she immediately sat down and said hello to my friend. The whole group started then to talk as you do in a drunk night at aka. I got the impression that she was more into my friend, I tried to get her attention by not be to forward and asked instead general questions to the whole company. My cover wasn’t too good since the follow up questions often where sent to her directly. My mind was clear on one specific goal – I wanted to get to know her more. As we kept on talking about stuff, someone suddenly refers to Game of Thrones. My eyes went up in the conversation as GOT is one of my obsessions, I hear her enthusiasm and my heart skips a beat. After that both her and I took charge in the discussion, she now had my full attention and I couldn’t be happier. After talks about the last season, favorite character and devastating moments in the series, we were now the most enjoying people to be around with as we kept on talking about other pop culture and every time another person interrupted, we filled in with opinions and then returned to just a two-sided conversation. It was like we were the only ones in the club. As the time went by, people left the little group, beginning with my friend that realized that I wasn’t going anywhere. Same thing with her friends. Suddenly, the rest of our companies had gotten away, probably because we were pretty shitty in keeping interest in the others, everyone´s been there, on both sides.

A new goal appears

I started to make my “moves”, beginning by moving my leg a little closer to hers as we sat down on the ground. As we kept talking, I was going to make the next one. Out of context, I just said ” can we stand up? It´s pretty cold on the ground”. She responded with an ”okay” and we stood up next to a brick wall. I started to lose focus now, maybe because of the alcohol or maybe of other (cough) things. But as I stared at her eyes and her pretty freckles, I was now determined with another goal: I really wanted to kiss her. I now took a stand closer to her and we were now face to face. Always in this kinds of situations, the conversation is just a bunch of words when it really is a game of charades. I had made my move and eager to see what she did next. My pulse had now gone up in my throat. I had almost stopped listen to both mine and her words, I was just up in my head with disaster thoughts and some hope to feel her lips with mine. She finally leans back against the wall, I follow her lead a little still with some doubt that this could be misunderstood. I say something, and suddenly her arms are around my neck and we have our first kiss.

The walk through Östra  

Suddenly I got more relaxed, as you do when things have been confirmed by consent. We walk away from aka and holding hands to Östra where she lived. We talk about everything and nothing, it felt that I could talk to her about everything. I remember her saying the phrase ”normal is boring, it´s more interesting to be odd”. After that my crush was complete and I felt a warm feeling inside throughout the rest of the walk. We came to her front door, she had an early class the day after, so I could not join her inside. I quickly asked if we could meet up later in the week. We exchange numbers and I walked home. Still with the warm feeling inside me and longing to see her again.

The day after

The next day, I send a text pretty quick, eager to set up a date. No answer. I break some social rules about playing it cool and send one more. Still no answer. My hopefulness and desire to meet with her now turned out in great disappointment. I was left in chock, how could I have misread the situation so wrong? After analyzing yesterday through and through, my head could not clear the riddle out. It all ends in thoughts of moping, of course she didn’t like me, for a ton of reasons. I went out, got drunk and meet a sweet girl. My romantic night had shattered into pieces and I had totally misread the situation, as you often do, from a drunk night at aka.

Filip Magnusson


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